Permanent Recruitment

Foxaconn Services is known to provide the best staffing services irrespective of the nature and type of business. Apart from contractual staffing, we also provide permanent employees to fill the vacant positions.

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Temporary Recruitment

Whether you need an employee for a long term professional relation or there is a requirement for a short-term basis, Foxaconn provide services on contractual or temporary basis as per your convenience

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International Recruitment

Foxaconn has been serving clients in India and overseas. Being among the few suppliers, and only significant diversity staffing supplier, that supports clients on either shore, we have been successfully serving beyond the boundaries.

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Recruitment Outsourcing

Foxaconn provide the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective workforce solutions in today's marketplace by leveraging its mature and quality-certified processes. Recruitment Outsourcing becomes stress-free with Foxaconn

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Recruiter On Demand

Recruiter On Demand is an ideal solution for clients with unique and varying business schedules or productivity demands. Recruiter On Demand solutions provides a simple yet highly effective solution, especially to the challenges of peak periods or hard-to-recruit roles.

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Executive Search

Executive-level hiring requires a completely different approach compared to other positions. It requires a talent acquisition professional who genuinely understands how to work with senior individuals, and the appropriate processes for hiring them. Foxaconn helps to get exactly what is required.

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Volume Hiring

Volume or Bulk Hiring is made easy with Foxaconn. Foxaconn has an extensive experience providing large- and medium-sized team installations and transitioning services to its clients. Be it executive search or campus recruitment drives, Foxaconn is the right place to connect with the right prospects.

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Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment drives can be complicated for companies because it becomes difficult for them to visit each and every college that sometimes results in missing a prospective lead. Freshers or interns, Foxaconn fills the vacancies with most potential gems.

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Company At A Glance

At the forefront of the staffing industry, Foxaconn is an enterprise empowering the manpower solutions committed to maximizing global workforce solutions on behalf of its clients. Foxaconn deep heritage, proven expertise and insightful market intelligence have secured long-term partnerships with various clients all over India seeking world-class professional resources.

Foxaconn employs industry professionals from various locations coast-to-coast across India. Foxaconn has an expansive reach across multiple regions and countries in order to receive consistent deliverables, terms, and cost savings.

Foxaconn not only take the ownership of hiring processes but also helps its clients to reduce their total cost by delivering a range of refined staffing and technology solutions that include:

• Staffing individual talent (IT, engineering, professional, scientific, clinical)
• Deploying teams for the execution of projects
• Delivering statement of work (SOW) resources and management for defined scope of services
• Managing staffing vendors and suppliers
• Empowering institutions and corporates to have the most appropriate resource for their enterprise.
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