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Foxaconn is offering excellent career opportunities to work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

We are committed to provide a professional and open work culture where the mutual growth of both the organization as well as the employees can be ensured. We felicitate all our employees with a co-operative corporate environment, and always ensure that they put a good balance between their personal and professional life. One of our most valuable assets is our human resources.

They are our biggest investment and the primary assets; and with the help of a group of exceptionally talented people, we strive hard for a never-ending improvement.

We recruit, train and obviously retain the responsible, dedicated and talented professionals. We follow high standards of selection because we believe that by employing the most skilled people, we can create a great professional working environment. We follow a transparent business policy and create equal opportunities for all employees, in order to perform and take their careers ahead. Those who want to give a new horizon to their career in the field of IT services like website design, mobile apps and SEO, Contact US!!

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